Smoll Ansible Playbook to install Misskey
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Ansible Misskey

This is my small ansible playbook which installs or updates misskey.


  • Installs node and other needed packages
  • Configures PostgreSQL
  • Download, Build and Init Misskey

Planned Features

  • Setup nginx
  • Configures TLS Certs via certbot
  • Debian support


  • Ubuntu22.04 (LTS) - Jammy
  • Ssh access via ssh-key to your server
  • Sudo (playbook runs as an unprivileged user)
  • Ansible on your pc/laptop


  1. Copy or rename .host_example and change the variables to your needs.
  2. Run playbook via ansible-playbook -K install_misskey.yml -i .hosts ansible asks then for your sudo password


Just run this playbook again


Currently this Gitea instance has closed registrations, but you can find my contact info over there -> and send me a message if you have questions/issues/patches. Thanks <3