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rick 4 months ago
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<!doctype html>
<title>N0ids Site</title>
<body style="background-color:#6cc3eb;">
<h1>Welcome to my small site</h1>
<p>Hi, i'm Rick. Welcome to my small site<br/>
Don't expect to much rn, hopefully the site will extend over some time.</p>
<p> Soo sth about me? I think this sums me up pretty well: <br/>
I like to tinker around with Linux/Electronics stuff since 1995.<br/>
In my freetime i like to play games on my switch and watch anime ^^</p>
<p> At fist i gonna use it as a blog where i post stuff about Linux/Electronics stuff.<br/>
I also use this site to tinker around with webstuff, learning new things is always interesting.</p>
<p> Also check out Fediring on the bottom of this site, its a collection of websites from cool and very nice ppl of the fediverse ;)
If you wanna know more about fediverse, head over here -> <a href="">About Fediverse</a></p>
<p> Here some links where you can find other stuff which i eiher selfhost or use:</p>
* <a href="">Fediverse Instance</a> <br/>
* <a href="">Wiki</a> <br/>
* <a href="">Gitea</a> <br/>
* <a href="">3DPrints</a> <br/>
* <a href="">Anime/Manga</a> </p>
<p> You can always reach out to me via:</p>
* <a href="">XMPP</a> <br/>
* <a href="">Fediverse</a> <br/>
* <a href="">Mail</a> <br/>
<p>Also checkout fediring. its an small webring featuring awesome ppl from <a href="">fediverse</a> ppl </p>
<a href=""><-</a>
<a href="">Fediring</a>
<a href="">-></a>


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<!doctype html>
<title>N0ids Site</title>
<body style="background-color:#6cc3eb;">
<h1>This is my private comfy Misskey instance.</h1>
<p>If you too wanna join fedi, over there is a nice overview of the fediverse and instances -> <a href=""><a></p>
<p>This instance is privat, but other instances still want to see a ToS, so here it is ^^</p>
<li>Always be excellent to each other!!</li>
<li>Transphobes, Nazis and ppl who post illegal stuff like pictures of minors, animal abuse and so on can fuck off! </li>
<li>If your are an instance admin who is reading this: Please reach out to me before you block my instance, in most times we can solve things better than by blocking ^^</li>
<h2>Privacy stuff:</h2>
<p>Everything on Fedi (what you post etc) is PUBLIC, yeah even friends_only post or direct_messages can accesed by admins of fedi instances<br>
If you wanna contact me privatly hit me up via XMPP. Contact Infos are on my main page <a href=""></a></p>